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MarvellMist started in the year of 2017 with the vision of building an end to end IOT Solution Provider, that can offer solutions and services across market segments with it's "Unified HUB at the edge" & "Application and Data Platform from hosted cloud".

Our solution offering caters to three major segments: 

Commercial & Residential Space Automation “MM Shield™” that converts the existing facilities or spaces to a smart, secured and connected space. “MM Reflex™”a Digital Smart Mirror presenting the aggregated summary augmented on top of the mirror.  ​ 


Logistics & Supply Chain Automation Solution “MM DIGIFleet™” which enables digitization & automation of fleet operations.

Smart City Automation Solution "MM SMARTCenter™” is a custom solution for various services like “Garbage Management”, “Parking Management”, “City Lighting”, “Public transit”, “Water management”, “Disaster Management” etc.​

All the solutions offered from MarvellMist are extendible & customizable.

The founders of MarvellMist are having more than 60 yrs of total industry experience put together from companies which are world leaders in Telecom, Networking & Enterprise verticals.


To be known as most stable and reliable IOT solution provider for digital transformation, using MarvellMist "Unified HUB at the edge" & "Application and Data Platform from hosted cloud".

We Enable Digital Transformation


Commercial & Residential Premises


Logistics, Transport & Supply Chain Mgmt.


SmartCity Operations & Utilities Services


Agriculture, Fish & Poultry Farming


Micro, Small & Medium Industries

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