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Digitization of Logistics, Transport & Supply Chain

A new way to digitize and automate traditional fleet operations for a better efficiency, safety & sustainability.


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Office Cabs
Oil & Gas
Utilities Industry
Inter City

Field Service
Food Delivery
Fruits & Vegetables

Central Dahboard

Unified Dashboard allows tracking of all the vehicles location, their health and quality of goods being shipped from a single pane of view. Allows to drill down and track specific fleets  as well.

Driver Mobile APP

 Driver app is being used for check-in, check-out for the day of work and tracking gps paths and enabling tracker and other sensors to share data to cloud.

Customer Mobile APP

Comes is the receiver or sender here - who want to track the gods shipping status, its location and how long it may take to reach the target destination. It can also get notified for important  milestones based on configuration.

Cloud Hosted Service API

MM DIGIFleet Cloud service is a hosted cloud service that exposes APIs and  SDKs for further integration into  third party systems  and applications.

Smart Sensors & Devices


Segments we operate in..

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